Opinion Poll Delhi Assembly Election 2013 who will win delhi election

Delhi Election 2013 : Who will win Delhi Assembly Election 2013. Delhi Elections 2013 Predictions Survey Exit Poll Opinion Poll of All parties given here. Delhi is set to held elections of Delhi Vidhansabha 2013.
Predict Who Will win Delhi Assembly Elections 2013


74 thoughts on “Opinion Poll Delhi Assembly Election 2013 who will win delhi election”

  1. AAP will sweap Delhi…..and this spark will lighten whole India for 2014 Loksabha Elections.. Its our need now to make AAP win in Delhi.

  2. Aam Aadmi Party should win the elections as it is the only political party in this country that is based on an ideology and does not just want power for the greed of power. I believe in giving it a shot cause for the first time the people of this great nation will have a choice of electing an intelligent government instead of picking between lesser of the two evils.

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